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Embark on an Exciting Culinary Journey in our Famous and Upgraded MYKONOS LUXURY BEACH RESTAURANT & LOUNGE, Which Boasts Various Delicious Food & Luxury Happy Hour Cocktails to Different Tastes and Occasions & Accompanied by our Special DJ LIVE PERFORMANCE with a selection of collection international musics & Hot Dancing at MYKONOS in Abu Dhabi, Picturesque Scenery Drapes a unique experience whether you sit indoors or outdoors in the sea view. Indulge in the Taste of Discovery at MYKONOS Beach, our all-day Contemporary Restaurant. Treat Yourself to a Night at the New Look of MYKONOS one of the Best Places to Satisfy your Italian & French and World Food & Drinks Cravings.

Food Menu

Our menu includes meals from all over the world, With very tasty cocktails drinks.

Beverage Menu

Enjoy live music, your favourite Dj’s and other entertainment along with unlimited International deliciousness while sipping on cocktails, spirits, wines and selected beers.

Shisha Menu

Enjoy an exclusive selection of sumptuous flavors diversified with mezze and your favorite DJ.

Happy Hour

Unwind in the late afternoon or evening with our attractive happy hour deals. With beach cocktails and fine grape wine and delicious cold beer on cold sea water with a high-class buffets of grilled dishes consisting of international spices at MYKONOS. You’ll find a happy hour to suit you in our beautiful resort.



Taste The World’s Finest Beef, Exclusively At MYKONOS.
The centerpiece of MYKONOS is our world-famous Beef & wine.
We are proud to offer a wagyu selection ranging from the darling downs region of Queensland Australia to the Hokkaido and the Hyogo (Home of the famous Kobe Beef) prefectures of Japan.
MYKONOS RESTAURANT & LOUNGE setting reflects an exquisite European coastal aesthetic with a creative earthy design concept at the beach making it suitable for dining at any time of day.
In MYKONOS we magnificent Wine Cellar holds over 1,000 new and old-world wine labels carefully hand-selected by our sommelier, who will be happy to assist you with personalised wine and food pairings.
Guests can relax with pre-dinner wine and canapés on the beach, gourmet set menus, with and without wine pairings, are offered as well as outdoor sea seating for enjoying the evening sunset with your meal.

Luxurious Desserts


At MYKONOS , we believe that it’s always a good time to introduce a little bit of luxury into your day. Whether it’s a special occasion, a celebration or a craving this makes MYKONOS the best choice to treat your guests and yourself!
There are a lot of things you need to make your big day perfect. One of the most important parts of your life is food. As well as serving dinner, you’ll need to have dessert. If you want your guests to have a magical mouth-watering experience, one of these twelve brands around the world should be your pick.
MYKONOS is one brand which has a very long history originating in Paris. The French sophistication and taste are still evident today, as these desserts won’t be like anything you’ve tried before. MYKONOS is famous for infusing delicious luxury sweets, thus creating something truly unique, prestigious, and worth serving on your big day.
We pride ourselves on being your personal pastry chef with our imagination stretching way beyond expectations of excellence.

Award-winning Beverage

Premium drinks of impeccable quality

MYKONOS the world’s first super premium beverages restaurant, We offer full mixed cooktails and round with a medium body and a naturally soft, rich and velvety texture. Some light notes of vanilla oscillate between sweet and savory, with hints of white pepper and spice. MYKONOS it represents the pinnacle of the international beverage restaurant.
We Offer the beverages distilled exclusively from the finest Vodca & whisky and quadruple distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity, MYKONOS is the true expression of luxury beverage. Completely additive-free and diluted with smooth cocktails, It consists of a group of rare naturals tropical fruits, hand-squeezed without any artificial additives.
MYKONOS offers a ranges of cocktails that combines over 600 years of beverages producing expertise with an uncompromising commitment to quality and heritage.